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The terms set out here are for the protection of all users of BrantfordWeb.Net and Galganov & Associates hosting and/or mail services. As we, through these terms, seek to protect ourselves and our existing clients, they will also protect you against inappropriate use by others and will, consequently minimize the risk of mail being blocked, by other services, from our server. We thank you for your cooperation in helping to make our services better for everyone.

NO SPAM... NO UCE - You may not use your BrantfordWeb.Net/Galganov account in connection, in any way, with the sending of spam/UCE. You may not receive E-mail as a result of spam sent by you or your agents (e.g. you may not use your BrantfordWeb.Net/Galganov account as a "remove from list" address). You may not draw attention to your "Galganov" web site through inappropriate means (e.g. spam/uce) even though such mailings/inappropriate newsgroup/search engine postings may have been made through another dial-up account.

NO SMUT... NO PORN - You may not put porn/smut on this server - either for storage or display. You may not use your BrantfordWeb.Net/Galganov account in connection, in any way, with "non-family safe" content.

NO HATE - If you aren't sure what this means, don't subscribe.

NOTHING ILLEGAL - period! No warez, no hot stuff; no selling, distribution, storage, offering to sell anything that is not within your legal right to sell, etc.

Your BrantfordWeb.Net/Galganov account is for public display of web sites. It is not for storage or "password only" access.

Accounts investigated for legitimate spam/UCE complaints will be assessed a $25.00 penalty per complaint.

The administration of "Galganov" reserves the right to discontinue, without explanation, justification or compensation, any account as it deems appropriate.

Neither BrantfordWeb.Net/Galganov & Associates nor its administrators are responsible for any damages arising out of use of services provided here. These services are provided on an "as is" basis and are used at the sole risk of the subscriber/user.

Changes to these terms of service may be posted here without prior notice. It is the sole responsibility of the member to check these pages for changes.

As the author/owner of your page(s) you take full responsibility for their contents. As the author/owner you agree that your page(s) does (do) not and will not contain anything illegal, pornographic or promoting of hate propaganda or hate groups. As the author/owner you state that nothing on your page is copyrighted material where copyright is held by a non-consenting third party and that any links to other servers/sites have been approved by those server/site owners. You agree that the administration of "BrantfordWeb.Net" has the right (at its sole discretion and without any compensation or explanation) to remove any page(s) it deems inappropriate for the BrantfordWeb.Net server. By using our service(s) you agree to all these conditions.

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